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PixelCraft work for you

At PixelCraft we’ve been designing websites for roughly 10 years, our team has 100 years in web design experience between them and this is clear when you see some of the excellent projects we’ve worked on.

A few things we’re great at

So why should you choose to give us your project?


We have 100 years in experience (between a team of 5) meaning you can be sure that your web design will meet whatever your expectations may be.

Our customers love us

Having been in business for 10+ years, we’ve amassed some excellent testimonials from customers that love.

Easy project sharing

We use tools like Google Drive and Dropbox to share designs with you throughout the project, access these on the go and let us keep you in the loop.

Secure designs and experience

We offer an excellent end to end experience where web security is an essential part of our design process.


Fast deliveries

We understand that some project may come out of the blue, and thus fast delivery is everything.

Thanks to our experienced and efficient team, we are confident that we can deliver an excellent design to you in a matter of hours (or 1-2 days for much larger projects).

Client testimonials

Hear from some of our clients and why they chose us.

We chose PixelCraft after our business mentor recommended them. It was clear from the outset that they don’t outsource any of their work and thus our new casino web page design was delivered in a timely manner.

Jim Pete

This is our second time working with PixelCraft and this time it was on a much larger project. Even though the project involved several large parts we were very pleased witht he turnaround time.

Louise Byrne

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Our team

Some of our excellent content and web design team

Jason Delaney

Jason was a webmaster before founding PixelCraft and has grown the business to a successful team of 5 web designers and coders.

Keith Carroll
Web Programmer

Keith joined Jason early on in PixelCraft’s history and has been an integral part of producing some of PixelCraft’s favourite designs.


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