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Getting your business noticed over your competitors can be a challenge, whether your business is a local or nationwide one. Savvy business owners are taking advantage of the immense marketing potential of the internet to boost their business’ signal and increase organic traffic to their websites. Pixelcraft.ie wants to help your business connect to the consumers that need your goods or services, and we use only the most sophisticated and cutting-edge online marketing techniques to do so.

If you are serious about getting the most out of your online marketing scheme, look no further than Pixel Craft to make it happen. We know what marketing techniques work, which ones don’t, and we are always aware of changing trends in technology so that we can provide you the most up-to-date service possible.

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Simplifying Personal Data Discovery

The GDPR has caused a lot of issues when it comes to personal data discovery and data protection. Companies scrambled to work towards GDPR compliance, and while they may have been able to reach compliance in the short term, they have struggled to maintain a good culture of careful management when it comes to personal data.

Personal data discovery is a real challenge. If you are a part of a fairly large company, then just think of how many points of contact there can be with the average customer. Your company’s database may have thousands of fields, and you may have more than one database. If a customer wants to know what information is held on them, would you know where to start looking?

Understanding Your Organisation’s Data Flow 

If you are worried about keeping personal data private, you should look at how your company works. Your company may have several options when it comes to managing personal data, and if you have been around for a long time then it could be that data is spread across multiple platforms and that so many developers and teams have been involved with your systems that the data flow of the average customer is not entirely clear.

The first step for your personal data discovery efforts should be to look at all of your databases, and make a list of fields that can be linked back to a customer. It may be wise to write queries that will allow you to find “everything that is linked to one customer”.

This may mean a lot of queries, and you may want to write out exactly what happens at each stage of a transaction to make sure that you understand exactly what is going on. Once you have that document, make sure that you keep it updated. Your databases are likely to be ever-expanding projects, and the longer you go without that update, the longer it will take to figure out exactly what things do and where things go.

A Metadata Approach to Personal Data Recovery 

Taking a metadata-driven approach is sensible if you have a huge amount of data to handle. Metadata-based solutions don’t just make it easy to find information right now, they make it easier to manage the information in the longer term as well. Most new governance and catalogue products offer metadata-based systems that will allow you to get an overview of what is in a database without having to query it.

Data modeling tools are also useful, and can help people to build up a good insight into the structure of the organization’s databases, and will help them to understand the tables, fields, and relationships. Once that understanding is there, it becomes possible to manage things from a GDPR point of view. GDPR consulting may be a wise option to help yup conform also.

Data profiling is a valuable addition as well. Whether that is done by hand or with machine learning depends on how extensive the database is, but both have value when it comes to managing personal data in a large organisation.

Find Out How SEO for Websites Actually Work

Are you wondering how to improve the search engine ranking of your website? Maybe it takes you a long time to figure out how to be on the first page so that your prospective customers see your page when searching for your products or services. If this is a serious cause for concern, then you have come to the right place. Today, you will learn about the ways in which successful businesses boost their search engine rankings using SEO for websites.

Search engine optimization holds the key to boosting the organic rankings of any website. This page will also explain how SEO companies work in providing optimization services including the factors that increase your position in the SERPs.

Link Building

Google, the most widely used search engine, has confirmed that good rankings can be achieved with the help of backlinks. In fact, Google considers that these links are one of the top three ranking factors that influence where a page will land on the search index.

About 78 percent of marketers agree that content is an ideal way to create links. Moreover, they also believe that links coming from trusted sites can make a website rank better. The links from those spam sites can penalize a website, so it’s best to stay away from them no matter how tempting they could be.


Content of The Web Page

Studies have revealed that the number of words or length of the text on your page plays a significant role in your overall ranking in the search engines. It is important to know what you are talking about in the content. Post the most interesting and updated topics on your website to keep your customers on your page for a long time. Furthermore, you should guarantee that they will be coming back to your website to get updated and explore more of your site.

Unique Design

Search engines easily recognize and rank your website on the first page if it has a responsive and mobile-friendly design. It is one vital factor to achieve success in the world of search engine optimisation. Whether you are trying to promote your product or service, or simply want to inform the readers, a responsive design will contribute a lot.

On the other hand, your website should be accessible and available to mobile devices in the form of a mobile app. Otherwise, you will be left behind by your competitors. Take note that most people today use their mobile devices to make transactions online, search for products and services, and research about anything. If your website is not mobile-friendly at all, the tendency is that they will look for a better website.


Some studies show that videos and pictures can dramatically enhance rankings. Your chance of being on top of the search engine results pages will increase up to 50 percent if you including engaging videos, pictures, infographics, and other rich media.

3 Sure-fire Ways to Boost Search Engine Visibility.

SEO is quite a fast-paced industry. That is why a lot of small-business owners are daunted. Oftentimes, the tips you just began looking into might not be effective a month or a few weeks later thanks to the continuous rollout of algorithm updates of Google.

For instance, creating several boilerplate-style pages for certain variants of the keyword used to be very efficient. Also, there was the widespread use of exact and partial match domains.

2019 is fast approaching. It is time to for you to examine your SEO strategy and take a look at what works and what doesn’t work. Companies such as proseo-uk can help you. Here are several important SEO tips for 2019.

1) Finding the Correct Keywords 

One strategy that has not changed much for the past few years is keyword research. It is a significant requirement for your success in content marketing, on-page SEO, and link building.

Keep in mind that keywords identify the main visibility and relevance of the website in certain search terms. You are wasting time if you are doing SEO for websites but do not have several target keywords in mind. It would require a little effort to know how to choose the ideal keywords. However, it isn’t rocket science.

Of course, the Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a great instrument for keyword research. It is also completely free. To get started immediately, it only requires a valid Google account.

2) Do not skimp on On-Page SEO Efforts 

Another strategy that is actually proven and tested is on-page optimization. Ignoring this will only make improvements in ranking difficult to come by.

For almost all portions, experts agree that stating the keyword 2 up to 4 times in the content is a great concept.

Remember that keyword stuffing isn’t good. Do not bother using it. Do not use the keyword too much because it will only disrupt the experience of the reader in any way.

Therefore, simply concentrate on a natural style of writing that integrates the targeted keywords where suitable. One great way to know if you used too many keywords is by reading out loud and listening whether there are awkward sentences or phrases.

3) Optimize the Images 

Aside from optimizing the keyword, optimizing the images is another oft-overlooked tip. In this day and age, this is still the case. Readers are still drawn to visual content.

At first, it might sound daunting. However, it is honestly very simple. You just have to modify the ALT tag and filename of the image. That’s it.

It is safe to assume that, at this point, you already know how to change the filename of the image. However, the process depends on the site platform you want to utilize when it comes to the ALT tag.

There is a lot of SEO for websites tricks and tips out there. A lot of individuals have likely seen articles that have 200+ tips.

However, 2019 isn’t going to be the year where shortcuts are efficient. Instead, people love to play the long game.

Implementing the tips is going to take energy and time. But sticking to the techniques that have stood the test of time will only bring good news to your bottom line.

New SEO Services Can Help You Avoid Common Mistakes

If you have a website that features products or services for sale, you are in the business of online marketing whether you want to be or not. That means that your site must be search engine friendly to both Google and your target market. (There are other search engines on the Web, but Google is considered “king,” and therefore, is the search engine where your focus should be.) That’s where search engine optimization or SEO comes in.  What is SEO?  It’s utilizing proper techniques to increase the quantity as well as the quality of the traffic to your website through search engine results that are organic. When you do this, it’s essential to utilize sound SEO practices.  There are common mistakes that people make, especially people new to online marketing.  These are mistakes that new SEO services can help you avoid.

1. No Impact on Social Media 

In the 21st-century, having a presence on social media is no longer a choice.  Potential customers, as well as current customers, expect you to be on the major social media networks.  Are you on those networks, and if so, what is your impact?  Not only is it a mistake to not be on social media, but it’s also a mistake to not be effective on social media.  If your level of engagement is weak, you’re wasting your time.  Your goal with any social media site where you have a presence is to bring visitors to your social media site and to then turn those visitors into paying customers.  Taking advantage of new SEO services can help you get there quickly and efficiently.


2. The Content on Your Website is Poorly Written, Never Update, and Lacking Keywords 


What is the quality of your content?  Is it well written?  Well written with regard to SEO means that it is not only free of grammatical errors, but it is between 500 and 1,000 words, is enticing and includes the right amount of keywords or words that a visitor would type into Google’s search engine to find what they are looking for.  Creating this kind of content is not easy, because it’s not just a matter of writing it.  You’re writing it strategically to benefit your website and sales goals better.  Therefore hiring professional SEO services is a great way to get it done.  These services have ghostwriters who will create the appropriate content for you that you can then place on your website. Material like this must also be updated appropriately, and by hiring writers, you can allocate the time to someone else to create.

3. Are you Keyword Stuffing? 


Black Hat SEO techniques are techniques that are strongly frowned upon by Google, and that can get your website penalized.  They are techniques that don’t focus on the target audience but, instead, focus on ways to trick the search engine.  For example, keyword stuffing is a Black Hat technique.  It’s the process of throwing too many keywords into your content in the hopes that your content has a better chance of getting picked up by the search engine.  The technique may work for you for a little while, but eventually, your website will get penalized.  New SEO services for businesses can teach you the proper use of keywords and get your website back in Google’s good graces.

4. Does Your Site Look Bad and Is It Poorly Organized? 


They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t hold up well for search engine optimization and the way your website appears.  You’re competing with every other website in your niche, and if your website turns people off, they will leave your site and go somewhere else.  What does it look like?  Are the colours you’ve chosen in keeping with your niche?  For example, if you are selling baby products, your colours should probably be soft and childlike.  Using bold blacks and purples, for example, wouldn’t match your niche unless you’re selling very edgy baby products, such as black leather jackets for babies.  Is your site navigation clear or is it hard for people to get around your site?  All of these points and more can be fixed by an Irish or SEO London professional.

The bottom line is that just because you build a site does not mean that you will have visitors or the kind of visitors in your niche.  The purpose of your site is to draw both search engine spiders or a program that visits your website and gains information from it for the search engine index, as well as draw in search engine users in your niche.  Hire new SEO services to get you on the right track and to keep you there as you sell your products and services.  These professionals cost money, but they can save you time and eventually money by getting you on the right track.

Tips To Locate The Best PPC Management Service

Marketing on the Internet is a challenge, but it is one that a lot of people want to overcome. The problem that some people will have is spending more money than they are bringing in and this often means they are going to have some problems in getting the expenses under control and trying to find a great way to use the pay per click marketing. This is when some companies will turn to a PPC management service and they should use some tips to help them in finding the best company that can manage this type of campaign for them.

Check To See How Many Ads The Company Will Run 

This is going to be a key question to ask because it will make a difference in how well the ads will be working, but also lets you know more about how long you are going to have ads up. If the company is only running one ad at a time, you cannot really split test the ads, but also cannot take the ads and have them directed to a special that you could be running on your website at the time.

Ideally what you would want to have is a company that is willing to run several ads at once, but also keep the cost under control. Doing this will make it easier for you to get a good coverage of ads for your website, but also makes it easier for you to get the results you would expect and have sales out in front of potential customers who would be looking for your products.

Find Out What Kind Of Charges The Company Has 

Now, a key thing that you will want to know about is to make sure you know what kind of charges the company is going to have in place. Typically the PPC management service will have a percentage of the monthly billed amount. At the same time, though, some of the companies will actually set up the bill to be a set amount each month based off of the number of ads they are going to be running for you. You do have to remember in addition to the companies bill you will still have to pay for the bills that are going to be coming from the charges of the ads themselves. So you should definitely make sure you are mindful of the costs that are associated with the ads that you have running.

See If They Will Do Deep Linking Ads 

This is important for you to keep your costs down, but also have an easier time in getting your website to convert better on the sales and that is to make sure the company you are planning on using is going to allow for deep linking ads. These are the ads that you will have a chance to increase your conversions because you are going to have an ad that is advertising your specific product and linking directly to the page. This means the customers will not have to find the home page of the website and then starting to search around the website to find the page they are looking for.

If they do not allow deep linking you will notice your ad cost will be significantly higher than expected, but you will also have lower conversions. So you will want to make sure the company you are using allows for the deep linking to happen and lets you know more about the chance of increasing your conversion because you are using the tightly grouped words and have the ads directed to the specific page.

Determine The Experience They Have In PPC Marketing 

When you are hiring a PPC management service you will want to make sure you know more about the experience they are going to have at running campaigns. If they are a fairly new company, you will want to see if the individuals who are going to be working on the campaigns are experienced or not. If they are not experienced then you could find they could make mistakes that you are going to have made on your own as well. However, if the companies are experienced in this type of work and they are going to be using the marketing on a regular basis, you will notice that it is going to cost you a little bit more, but you will have fewer mistakes compared to the other companies that are not experienced.

How Long The Company Expects Until Results Are Expected 

This is going to be something that can actually be somewhat figured out on the Internet. When a company is using the PPC marketing they will have a general idea on when they will start to see some results. Typically it is within a day or two of starting the ad campaigns. However, if the company is unable to provide results on when they expect the ads to go live or even when the ads would be expected to start to draw traffic it could get some people nervous about the type of work they are going to get done. So you would want to make sure you know more about the time frame the company is able to provide you before you would expect to start to see the results you would like to get.

Being able to run a website is exciting, but having it make money for your company is even better. Since this is the case, you should know more about the tips that can help you in locating the best PPC management service. By knowing these tips it will be easy for you to get the right service to help you in running your campaigns and help you in getting the best results possible from the ads that you are running. Without this, you could end up hiring a company that will not provide you with the results you would want to have or even worse cost you more money than your website makes.

Benefits Of Using WLM SEO Services

Running your own website can be very exciting, but it can also be a challenge as well. If your website is not ranking in the search engines, you will not make money and this is going to be something that will lead you to think the Internet is nothing more than a scam. This is when you should learn the benefits of using the WLM SEO services. By knowing about these benefits it will be very easy for you to find the right service and know that it is going to help you in making money on a consistent basis from running your website. Since this is the case, it is time to explore these benefits so you can understand why you will want to pay out the expense to the company who will handle this work for you.

Helps Improve Rankings For Websites 

This is one of the key things that you are going to recognize when you are working on the Internet and that is the fact that you have to rank higher in the search engine results pages to get the traffic you need to have to start to get the visitors that are going to buy your product or turn into a buyer of the product that you are selling. Since this is the case, you will want to make sure you know about the fact that these companies are able to help you in building up the rankings you need to have, but also will help you in getting the traffic because they are able to target the keywords that you are going to be using on a regular basis.

In addition to the rankings of the main site, you will start to notice that you are going to get a lot more information to rank about your site as well. This can include social media profiles, business links, and other information that can be helpful for your potential customers to trust your company more than what you were expecting. So you will love the fact that you are going to be able to get these to rank as well, which will help you in converting your website because it will be seen as a website that can be trusted with the information that people are getting from it.

Uses Methods That Avoid Search Engine Penalties 

When you are looking on the Internet you will often read about people who used to be ranked really high in the search engines. However, after a little while, you will find that some of these were removed or lowered in the search engine results pages because of the proverbial slap from the search engines. This comes from the way the company was building links to the website or the information they were putting out. When you are using a professional company like WLM SEO services they are going to use methods that are generally going to keep your site safe from any type of slap and this means you will be able to keep your higher rankings.

You may find that the methods that are being used are going to vary from what you would expect, but it is going to help you in keeping the rankings. This is methods the company has learned over time and definitely is going to make it easier for you to have the rankings you would want to have on the search engines for a long period of time.

Can Help With Some Conversion Of The Website 

The conversion metric will vary depending on what people consider to be a conversion. Now, the key thing that you need to realize is not all the conversions are going to come from the sales or ad clicks on the website. The first thing that you need to get is traffic to come to the website and that is something that can be difficult to get at times. However, what you will find is the properly done descriptions and information will help complete the conversions that are going to be needed to get the traffic to the websites that people are going to need to have for clicks.

Uses Multiple Methods To Help Draw In Attention To The Site 

Often when you are using the WLM SEO services you will find they are going to use multiple methods to help you in getting to rank like you want to. Now, you may have never thought about this before, but you will find that it is going to be really helpful to have links that are coming from multiple sites. This is going to help you in keeping the rankings for a longer period of time, but also help you avoid getting hit with a penalty if one of the websites ends up going down for some reason.

The other thing that you will find is this will help you avoid penalties as well as some of the methods that used to work now do not work anymore or are nearly as effective. A good idea of this is going to be the fact that article marketing and keyword stuffing used to work great. However, now when people are using this method they tend to be penalized and people who only used this method actually seen their websites completely removed from the search engines. So you will like the fact this can help you avoid getting hit by any penalties.

Being able to rank your website in the search engines is a good way to help guarantee you are going to make money. The problem that a lot of people have is they are unsure how to get their website to rank and when they use some of the methods they end up having some problems with the conversion of the rankings. This is when people should explore the benefits of the WLM SEO Services and how these can help them in getting the rankings they would like to have and be able to maintain these rankings for the long term.

5 Effective SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

Getting your website onto the top search results of Google is no easy feat, especially not when you’re new to the world of online marketing strategy, like SEO (search engine optimization) practices. If you’ve never run a business website before or you haven’t been able to keep up-to-date with the latest strategies, you could be completely in the dark with a growing feeling of frustration. If you’ve found yourself in this position, be calm. Take a deep breath and find comfort in the fact that there are some simple things that you can do to increase organic traffic to your website – without being a marketing expert.

Cultivate Excellent Content

Sales leads and search engine analytics alike are capable of telling when you are producing sub-par content just for the sake of filling your website with words. High-quality, informative and engaging content gets websites ranked higher than those who seem to just “phone it in” when it comes to their written content. Educational blog posts, descriptive product/service pages and an informative about page are simple yet powerful actions that you can implement today.

Use Keywords – But Not Always the Highest-Ranking Ones

The use of keywords is important, as it establishes authority with search engines such as Google. The problem with the highest-ranking keywords, however, is that they are commonly used by thousands of websites. So instead of sticking with the primary keywords, the top two or three that yield the highest results, consider going for the lesser-used ones as they will be more unique.

Appeal to Google

If your website shows certain unscrupulous practices, it will not rank highly on Google. These practices include:
Paying for clicks
Producing poor links
Creating poor content
Publishing stolen content or images

Instead of doing any of these things hoping that Google will ignore these lazy tactics, it’s best to dedicate yourself to the consistent production of high-quality content. This will get you visitors and a higher ranking better than anything else.

Make Use of Internal Linking

Once you have established a fair number of informative pages on your website, you can – and should – link back to them in your future content publications. This increases search engine rankings because it encourages visitors to spend more time on your website, time which might otherwise be spent viewing your competitors.

Build a Social Media Presence

Social media is king of viral marketing, and businesses are making names for themselves every day with this strategy. By creating social media accounts that you consistently post from, you expand the knowledge of your brand. If viewers like what they see, they’ll click the “like” and “share” buttons. On that note, it is also important to have social media sharing options available on your website. This is the easiest way for past, present and future customers to share your brand’s name and image on social media.

Why is Content Marketing So Important?

Creating an effective marketing campaign is essential for the success of any business website, as the online stage is where we make many of our decisions as consumers. It’s no longer enough to print ads that stuff the mail boxes of an entire zip code anymore. A strong online marketing scheme can include many different elements, from email blasts to social media ads and digital newsletters. If you don’t get your business’ information out there, nobody is going to see it.

But if you don’t provide quality content for your consumer base to look at, they’re not going to stay for very long. You can forget about turning that sales lead into a website conversion if you have nothing to engage your viewership with once they get to your landing page.

How does a marketing professional tackle this problem? They cultivate the content that their prospective consumers want to read.

Credibility is Everything

The most important thing about high-quality content is that it establishes credibility for your brand. When you present your viewers with accurate information in an engaging and insightful way, you establish your brand as an authority on the subject.

Not only does this practice establish credibility with your viewership, but it also leaves a stronger impression on major search engines like Google. When you furnish your website with the kind of content that viewers want and need to read, your authority pushes your site higher up onto the list of search results.

It is possible to implement this quality of content on nearly any website page, including:

  • Product pages
  • Service pages
  • About pages
  • Contact pages
  • Home pages or other landing pages
  • Your website’s blog

In this technologically-reliant 21st century we live in, consumers are more informed about the goods and services they purchase than ever before. If you cannot provide adequate information about your brand and what you offer, many sales leads will look elsewhere for more data.

Increase Organic Traffic with Strong Content Marketing

Organic website traffic is the most effective type of website traffic to get, as it relies on the success of your website at relaying important information and not on how many ad spots you purchase or what pay-per-click service you use. This is how you most efficiently turn sales leads into conversions, as the content you’re displaying will drive those leads to learn more and – hopefully – spend their hard-earned money with your business.