5 Effective SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

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September 11, 2018
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September 27, 2018

Getting your website onto the top search results of Google is no easy feat, especially not when you’re new to the world of online marketing strategy, like SEO (search engine optimization) practices. If you’ve never run a business website before or you haven’t been able to keep up-to-date with the latest strategies, you could be completely in the dark with a growing feeling of frustration. If you’ve found yourself in this position, be calm. Take a deep breath and find comfort in the fact that there are some simple things that you can do to increase organic traffic to your website – without being a marketing expert.

Cultivate Excellent Content

Sales leads and search engine analytics alike are capable of telling when you are producing sub-par content just for the sake of filling your website with words. High-quality, informative and engaging content gets websites ranked higher than those who seem to just “phone it in” when it comes to their written content. Educational blog posts, descriptive product/service pages and an informative about page are simple yet powerful actions that you can implement today.

Use Keywords – But Not Always the Highest-Ranking Ones

The use of keywords is important, as it establishes authority with search engines such as Google. The problem with the highest-ranking keywords, however, is that they are commonly used by thousands of websites. So instead of sticking with the primary keywords, the top two or three that yield the highest results, consider going for the lesser-used ones as they will be more unique.

Appeal to Google

If your website shows certain unscrupulous practices, it will not rank highly on Google. These practices include:
Paying for clicks
Producing poor links
Creating poor content
Publishing stolen content or images

Instead of doing any of these things hoping that Google will ignore these lazy tactics, it’s best to dedicate yourself to the consistent production of high-quality content. This will get you visitors and a higher ranking better than anything else.

Make Use of Internal Linking

Once you have established a fair number of informative pages on your website, you can – and should – link back to them in your future content publications. This increases search engine rankings because it encourages visitors to spend more time on your website, time which might otherwise be spent viewing your competitors.

Build a Social Media Presence

Social media is king of viral marketing, and businesses are making names for themselves every day with this strategy. By creating social media accounts that you consistently post from, you expand the knowledge of your brand. If viewers like what they see, they’ll click the “like” and “share” buttons. On that note, it is also important to have social media sharing options available on your website. This is the easiest way for past, present and future customers to share your brand’s name and image on social media.

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